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Related article: Date : Fri, 18 June 1999 PDT 06th 48th 14 Very Very Young Models From: Benedict XVI Subject: Benedict Pralle Brief Benedict Slips Pralle, Chapter 1 Disclaimer: is this story is pure fiction and not intended for minors or those who are not judged by the law is, reading material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional. This edition has been revised slightly. Have fun ! Benedict Johnson was a talented guy, and although he does not think so, was is also nice. He was popular in Very Very Young Models school, he was, after all the student council president, and became friends with ease. His only major problem, he said, was that he was gay, and as is still a virgin. The love of his life, even though the object of his desire to not know it was Simon Jones, who was in the same manner as if school. Little did he know that his life, in this his final year at school, , which was changing dramatically. Benedict XVI, known to his friends as Ben, was in the top 17 and sixth n local comprehensive. He was student council president and, if all had gone well to goMr. Oxford to read modern history next year. He was tall, 6'2 ", child 's skin smooth and hair thin, blond, with sand ( cut in the style of the number of a dream - like Michael Owen), blue eyes and had Very Very Young Models a open, with the Very Very Young Models participation smile. Ben's father was a lawyer and his mother a doctor s had a younger brother, Dominic, 14, and a sister, Sarah, age 12 get along with his family, though he suffered. view to stop gay so far, pretended he had a series of casual manages friends, but his heart was not in any of them was bright and funny Ben But in many ways with innocent charm -. that would soon change. today, Wednesday, and the EP was meant. in the Upper Sixth still PE duty, and that meant one session per week, when things were relaxed enough and some people decided to check or anything for your game recovery, instead of practicing too ! Benedict XVI was a keen sailor, his father had a small boat, and float, but alsoenjoyed have fun and that was usually played soccer on Wednesday, until the Athletics took over the summer. One of the consuming passions Ben, if not the wishes, the boys were in footie kit, silk shorts were themselves particularly important for him and for the PE was one of his favorite time to satisfy his secret desires. locker room after, was always the desired moment, hot sweaty body extraction young play, laugh and joke, musk fills the air, roosters display nested in a slightly damp underwear pants, which tend to favor clung cockheads soil fungi and the waves of silk. If there s one thing that Ben liked most of what was a shorts and panties and even some brave taken to wearing pants or lycra cycling shorts under the Scots, but to wit and sarcasm. Then he went to the showers, hot water all and water vapor, washed with pink young bodies show cocks and pubic hair, ass thighs and, in all shapes, sizes and colors. Such moments stolen f nurtive will later played and played in the mind's eye during a straw were food and beverages to Ben. The fear of being discovered, account -. She took the queue, adds more excitement, but so far, for fear of suspicion, his cock was "conduct" and did not fail All these thoughts passed through the mind of Ben, as dressed for school. his hands came to a drawer and selected a pair of white CK writings, bought recently, and slipped between his legs and another in the thigh thin honey. She paused as she always did for yourself in the mirror looking aware, as always, your imperfection ( even if others did not see it ). that was considered too Very Very Young Models thin, lacking body hair and wanted his penis was more. Soon the appearance of cotton wrapped his penis embedded in its causes cup n in the penis to stimulate and the edge of his way and entered his panties. Ben paused to gently caress his penis increased its full inch 61/2 of the hot young boymeatHe pressed the cloth to his penis, the design of the writings exaggerated shape and form. that decided as a return to his bed by an idiot, but wait until after school, if I had more time to enjoy the images of PE fresh in his memory. As fast as he dressed, his tail decay. He took out his uniform black pants, gray socks and black kickers, white shirt and blue tie with sixth form thin stripes of red and white, and hastened to breakfast. Breakfast over, which appeared in his dark blue jacket School y went to school. uniform was not compulsory for Benedict's School, and while many of his friends said they hate it, did not bother really. In fact, he rejoiced still had to wear a uniform, because many of the kids at school seemed prey to sexy in it! A favorite was when a child grew apparently pants school, his mother, so he thought the economy. The shiny black material plump balls queue displays or B `S sexyUMS (and this was absolutely the best !) A clear line of the letter runs, and that is a good ass cheek. As usual, the Pope went to school, which was little more than 10 minutes from home, , and as usual, he shouted to his best friends at home with his feet \\ \\ n Simon. Simon lived alone in the next street ( "street next door, " his mother I would have corrected), and when Simon raised the couple talked and gossip on their Very Very Young Models way to school. For Ben it was like walking on clouds. that Simon had wanted for the past two years and be with him was always the highlight of each day. Simon 's appearance, smell, the way he moved, spoke and acted, all anchored in the memory of Benedict XVI. It was smaller than s Benedict XVI at 5'9 "with jet black hair and short hair with dark eyes brown and a strong jaw and cheek bone. His face was smooth as Ben even olive color that was slim but muscular, with a layer of a flower Six -Pack, and Ben wanted to rest his head on the AP modeIllow. costumes for the school had a firm ass and a nice cut near unveiled penis resting on what appeared to be the biggest balls Ben had seen in my life, ( Simon, course, was ridiculed as "Big Balls", when it changed ) all been crowned by lush jungle black pubic hair. The couple soon met with and other friends rallied to his record before different classes - Ben was basically Arts u0026 languages ​​, the study of a level of history, English and German, while Simon was the science, mathematics to study physics and chemistry. If everything was on track to Simon for the imperial march College London to study chemistry next year. The day passed, and Ben, the bell signaled the end break in the afternoon and the beginning of last period : one hour of physical education. Ben pushed, along with everyone else in the locker room and began to changes in their physical education equipment for the white shirt, blue shorts Reebok and Adidas along with white socks and boots footie. As he did he stole glances at tchanges and children, and other Simon, especially in change. Simon today was wearing a pair of blue slip of M u0026 S thought he looked very sexy in them, " remember that later,". " right people", suddenly a voice shouted : "No football game today coach with that, let's run today. " Mr. Davies was the physical education teacher, who was away today and the provision of teacher had apparently decided on a cross country race. " shit," Simon said I like it on. " It is not that bad," Ben said in reply: "We can have a smile. " To the moaning and usually makes fun of the boys turned into coaches and filed Very Very Young Models \\ \\ n out. " right," the teacher said, " going out two by two, and I always give time to time to your s for the racing season soon, and Mr. Davies has asked me to verify that out for speed and perseverance. " Ben did not mind walking and running was a chance with Simon, may occasionally fall behind him to check that the rear of the PERT. The teacher has other ideas and PAIRed is the kids stop at random. Ben Travers, Nick was given as a partner. Ben did not know Nick very well, and were mixed in different circles. Nick was fight in high school and was a bit of "Jack the Lad ". Ben had seen many times , and urinated in the city on Friday night, and heard it, he was in drugs. and again the good thing about Nick that Ben was so affected was the way he looked - short auburn hair and blue eyes in a compact body of the young 5'7 ". recalled that Nick was a Very Very Young Models bib n ( this information had been routinely stored in the memory of Ben), who had not Very Very Young Models seen , since now changed the type and color was pure conjecture. no wait for Ben to find the race, but he just wanted to know what it was in a given pair of shorts or pants. Nick and Ben replaced " Hello " agreement and the teacher was a jerk and sat in their execution. \\ \\ n the couple soon entered the woods that ran along the back of the school and Ben was catching up with SimoNo, that had previously been set When Nick stopped. " What is the problem?" Said Ben. " Bollocks this," said Nick "wants to know a secret? " Nick apparently knew a place in the nearby woods, where I could chill before the start of the finish line of the path turn right time. " Why not ? " The thought of Ben, after all, was a beautiful day and warm at the end of September n and cooling had the opportunity to do something else besides the usual n Nick studpuppy to know a little better. Nick Ben quickly led to a secluded spot off the road and trees , who joined two children in a small clearing, where the green was filled with the sun and heat. " Cool," said Ben, " great place, how did you find ? " " Copping out a career in the last Very Very Young Models year," said Nick, " only to be avoided all that happens. "n " But you are in good shape, "said Ben," What is the cost? " " I do not mind the language, hate running, " said Nick. So the boys went to bed and sucked up some sun. N After a few minutes Nick sat and exhaustionED of his white shirt, Nike, and began rummaging in his short Blue Nike before taking a cigarette lighter and smaller. " I do not care ?" Said Nick, " No, your health," said Ben, who received a number of conferences family doctor was the mother of \\ \\ s about the dangers of smoking, Ben thought it was great to see Nick 's chest. Nick had big dark brown nipples and a fine of 6 - pack, which hold in the navel even a lock of blond hair disappears into his n shorts. The bright shorts were a real turning point was that of Ben, and if concentrated largely weak lines of the glans only visible. Ben asked Nick where he had hidden the cigarettes and lighter. " In my pants," said Nick, "once I realized we were in a race I ` em whipped out of my jacket. " the s thinking on a cigarette and lighter in the summaries was embedded Nick surprisingly erotic for Ben and he felt a warmth in the groin. Nick finished his cigarette and turned to Ben, Ben thought timidly, , but the child seemed somehowwith enthusiasm. " I can ask, not a special favor," said Nick uncertainty, " and promise not to tell anyone ? " Looked Ben Nick for a moment and said "sure " ask what it was all on. " Close your eyes and then, " asked Nick, and argue for a bit, and his Ben agreed, although he was worried, wondering what Nick could fool game \\ \\ n but Very Very Young Models also excited, and its tail was slowly stirring. So Ben closed his eyes and got the shock of his young life. With eyes closed, Ben suddenly overwhelmed with two new experiences - A child, one hand on the back of the head and leaned over and kissed him, while another hand groped her basket full of cock from her s and mixing in his shorts. At that time, and to solve the sit, because the shock more than any feeling of disgust, his Very Very Young Models hand was in his shorts made ​​of hard rock manhood. "What the hell ?" Said Ben, his senses recovered from the experience of nick li volatile flavorps, the feeling of a hand on his cock, he was more nervous as it always has been, even more hope for. Nick saw Ben, his hand still in the groin of Ben "Christ, Ben," said Nick, " I'm going to die, do so from time immemorial for sexy motherfucker. " " But," stammered Ben. "Look! " Nick was quick to say his words hastily, "if you do not want, which is good and I 'm sorry. But listen, please. You have nothing to do but lying. You do not need to touch me. do not know when was the last made ​​ but I am condemned to die, to suck his cock. 've been waiting for the opportunity to do to have been more long as that's all. My mouth and your silence Ben - so I have to lose your penis is hard and begging for him to fucksake " " like yours, "said Ben, as if wearing underwear under which short, it was obvious that Nick caught a raging erection. " Nick, I do not know what to say, I've never... ", Ben told Nick calmed him with a finger to his mouth. I pushed him back into the grass Nick kissed her again. the TBen IME opened her eyes and mouth and the two young boys hot licking and tested explore each other's tongues and lips, mouth. Nick pushed his body to Ben and the crowd at the cock with her warm flesh, the two packages and sliding against each other in shiny nylon shorts. provisionally at first and then with increasing boldness of Ben put his hands on Nick bum, stroked, wrapped his fingers tracing Very Very Young Models the line of the writings in the of soft material like silk. Sense firm ass cheeks, the buttocks n Nick kneading and hear moans of pleasure, starting with Nick, they did not left their own grunts that did not drown in your No body, but in another place, heaven, paradise, perhaps? Nick Ben continued to kiss passionately. It was the first Ben's obvious experience and decided to launch in the time available, I give to be remembered and, who knows if you're lucky, may have been repeated. Worked his right hand between his body and began toBen Hill, massage warm throbbing meat. The feeling that the young cock in shorts surprisingly sexy and Nick continued to stroke his cock while his friend In addition to taking Ben jersey. The following is noted Ben and Ben shorts was a trail of blond boy face down gold leads to a pair of fat white hot pants CK. The shaft and head swollen s were clearly visible through the thin white cloth that was made greater transparency by Ben precum was leaking freely. Finally came to for the federal government only to find Ben 's hand away. " No," Ben said breathlessly, "if we do this to me you want to keep 'em a n. I've always wanted to be with his pants with a guy. You must keep too quiet " " Oh shit, "Nick said," maybe next time "and said it quickly panties Ben went down to his balls and attached to the mouth, lapa I like the tail of Ben. Ben was too far to say (although part of his mind andrun Green to the promised "next time ") and instead of putting their hands on the head by Nick and put his cock in the mouth of Nick. Nick was surprised by the attack by mouth, as it tries to assimilate boycock Very Very Young Models bitter sweat and Ben that almost suffocated. " Wait a month," he said, when he left his mouth, the tail of Ben ", which will take place before you start. " Ben relaxed a little , stroking her hair as friends Nick went to work in tail and licked him, mocking him, sucking down the long axis and then to the town of meat. While continuing to gently suck on his cock and arched Nick patted his friend almost completely hairless balls and cover with the other stroked Ben Calvin beautiful ass. The feel of her hand on her cheek brings cotton joy for both. Ben began to Very Very Young Models resist violently, losing all control how your senses to the joy of its focus teen penis. Nick knew that Ben was always gentle and n as close to a deep breath Ben slid painfully hard 61/2Inches in the neck. Ben knew that now the right time and keep the head of his friend in his constant hands, began to stutter and thrust with increasing power. Nick was in the seventh heaven, as Ben fucked him face to face, each thrust buried his nose deep in the pubic spicy Ben, his lips were battered by the Very Very Young Models violence of Ben frenzied attack. Nick grabbed each of Ben 's buttocks and pulled him to him when he wanted to eat his new friend. Ben balls and Brief were in the thick saliva and drooling precum soaked soil of nicks lip. Nick suddenly felt tense and Ben knows what was the ( for which he Very Very Young Models was very grateful), they clawed deeply into the Virgin Ben buttocks. " Aghhh, Errrr, uurr " growled Ben animals in fashion as he emptied his load Virgin boycream Nick hot deep throat. While Ben argued, Nick manages to get Ben queue only enough for the young stallion, his semen remains of salt to clear thick n especially in the mouth. Nick 's mouthwas soon overwhelmed by currents above reservoir of Ben's life-giving, nature, and despite his best n , the sperm swallow a lot of rope was quickly launched a broad from his lips to solidify on the balls of Ben slips `s pubic bone. The two children apart and put back on the grass, breathing heavily, the film of sweat on the of your body shine in the summer sun. "Shit " Ben opened his mouth, " Uh, I mean, thanks to Nick. " " Every hot stud," said Nick. Very Very Young Models thousand thoughts ran through Ben's head... He had finally it!... Had sex with a child.... Christ, it was good... anyone really you thought.... It is intended that for ages.... Nick thought it was sexy as possible the others too ?... Maybe, God willing, Simon? ? ? !... And of course... "How long do we have? " Ben quickly. " Err, just over 10 minutes before we go back," said Nick. " right Nick, I go," said Ben, and he splashed his face with deep notches groin. The first thing you appreciate what Ben was the smell that was Nickhot sweaty guys musk and Ben took a deep breath buried his face in the shiny nylon nicks shorts. The next thing I noticed was the heat generated by Ben cock Nick, I could even feel it through his shorts ! He put his short cheek pounding the package before they finally dropped the glans mouth n gently flick it with his tongue. n ick breathed, panting, and Ben was stimulated by the opening lick soaking her shorts and friends, tasting including the tail, knowing instinctively, that the next layer would be even better. Gently spread their legs Nick and put his hands inside of the thighs, below the shorts the price you expected. The feeling of nylon shorts in the back of the hand and cock of cotton covered by your Very Very Young Models fingers means that Ben was raging hard again. Massage swollen cock Nick, mocked him before he finally decided that because of the time, it is better to be. He took off his pants and nearly fainted with pleasure, was nick wearing a tight pair of worn pale yellow cotton designs were swollen grotesque, with the tip of the penis clearly visible due to the tried to release the Nick right thigh. So worn and thin cotton was the that can not be transparent, so stretched was stopped by Nick n and tail, apparently cut. Ben was told that at least 6 inches, probably more than what is allowed to enjoy the throbbing meat. Since the balls Ben moves the shaft, bathroom tap ` n panties in their saliva. He had Very Very Young Models been right, had the taste and smell of many stronger, saltier, Tangier, a total of more powerful and just what he s been dreaming. Nick had before, but never in his underwear and experience was drawn was forcing pleasured and yet really turn on him. that Very Very Young Models urgently needed to get his penis and throat, but how could Ben that this new and powerful experience to go? The wet cotton sticks to move on the penis when stimulated bythe effect of the mouth and hands of Ben, was takes wild. Add to that the joy was that Ben was the other side vigorously stroking his ass through his pants and that was something No one had done for him. At this point, Ben adapted Nicks writings, that snatched and around the glans inflammation and eventually swallowed whole coated cotton fungus. Nick went insane and has run away before as Ben use your free hand to masturbate in the axis of Nick in his underpants. Ben 's mouth was full of cotton and tail, and I knew then that he met his fate. The taste and texture were remarkable, and he was soaked cotton that hung like tail meat new Nick. Every ounce accumulated juices and flavor of the underpants were extracted by the Ben 's mouth. Finally, almost without notice, Ben was not experience in these things that explode with cum panties. hands Nick met Ben demanding deep on his cock. The writings were apparently not enough forcharge and in seconds the vacuum Ben Jiz acid through the cotton, seven of the panty and taste cum Nick sweat and musk. Ben Nicks juices greedily devoured, empty to the last drop of it. At the same time, there was another unexpected eruption discharged as Ben Young more cream in their Calvin Klein. ! Surprisingly, s had shot ever run in his life, without touching at least the tail These are the guys came back and panting in silence, everyone looked to the sky y is collected himself - together. " God, you're well, Ben, especially for a first timer. We are definitely going to must unite, so you can blow into her panties. Believe me, some of his No experience! " " Yes, I bet, "said Ben, a little disoriented," and will no doubt be , to collect on that promise. " The two boys laughed and sorted out. Both wet slips with semen and saliva, and decided that if she returned to the halls of local, it is best to pull shorts and panties in the same youwhat I that nobody would notice. Nick shorts were wet, but figured that soon dry in the sun and, well, what could they do? Pull up his shorts and put on his shirt of laughter two boys, and joke ran on the way back and ran back to school. Very Very Young Models Ben felt that was filled with air and running with their first sexual experience and even felt Very Very Young Models a little dazed His mind raced with questions. "How long nick you believe him? ", Was asked, "When can we get back together ?" He was concerned a someone to Very Very Young Models be able to say what he and Nick had been doing, n Especially Simon. "Do I look different? Could someone tell me ? " Children returned to school without incident. " a respectable time," said the professor, " we look at the pair, is positive, after flowering ! You should do more," he continued. was almost too much for Ben and Nick and she ran away to the changing room laughing all the way. No. In fact, more could be done "Hey, how was it? " Simon asked Ben, as hI was stripped of the shower. Ben quickly scans, such as cotton cloth, powder blue balls stuck to Simon n s cock '. " Err, great, eh, eh? " " faster than his teammate ! " Said Simon. Added felt his friend was distracted or not the same as always, added in a while, " Are you okay? " " Sure," replied Ben, "there problems start in a minute " Simon disappeared as in the shower. Ben moved quickly and took care to drop his pants and underwear to be in at the same time, so nobody noticed or wet spots. Could create pop briefly in the shower and hurried back to his place in front of Simon, so that that is, his trousers and pants covered, no that someone noticed. He succeeded but not without attracting some position to take. "What 's the rush ?" Said Simon, when he left the shower, "which seem full of of sperm. " Ben laughed when it was something that he was not at the time was filled Jiz, which was either down or in the neck of Nick Travers in his underwear, so continue to maintain wetmind to the queue. " No, I'm fine and I just want to do my homework so I can relax for the night, that's all," said Ben. " S'cool " said Simon, " what you mean. " So the two boys dressed and on the way home. They agreed to meet at the home of Simon at eight hours, if ` or is likely to waste time Playstation Simon. Ben finally back home feel exhausted and excited, but mostly hot. He greeted his mother, who was at home, and went to the room of his s. Let your backpack, went to the bathroom, so that that could take care of his cock penetrate without the risk of being discovered or disorder. But before that, he had his bottom drawer cabinet y took a couple of small red rider cotton pants waist 26 ". You belongs to Simon Jones and carried by him was only 4 days and , but he did not know it would soon be his best friend Ben Johnson, Ben had to put on and off in the last year to do, masturbate to Simon - Briefs. I do not know how Ben Johnson, who was the entry shower, someone would have noticed the dried semen in the pubic hair and tell you more , bore the marks of nails Nick Travers on the buttocks are Ben s.
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